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“Effective with orders received on or after January 1, 2016, any 2000 & later original Harley-Davidson™ or American-made Aftermarket aluminum motorcycle wheels & parts which are Show Chrome plated by Sport Chrome are covered under our limited LIFETIME WARRANTY to the original purchaser of the item(s).

To activate our limited LIFETIME WARRANTY you must register your purchase. All purchases that are not registered within ninety (90) days from the date of your invoice will default to our standard thirty-six (36) month limited Warranty.

All other Aluminum or Steel wheels & parts that are Show Chrome plated by Sport Chrome are covered under our standard thirty-six (36) month limited Warranty to the original purchaser. No registration is required.

Our limited LIFETIME WARRANTY guarantees that our Show Chrome plating will not separate or peel, and it covers all costs incurred during the re-plating process and return shipping to the original purchaser, should it become necessary. The original purchaser assumes all responsibility and expenses for items until they are delivered to Sport Chrome. No other expenses will be covered.

Sport Chrome reserves the right to be the sole determiner of the validity of any claim and/or the causes. If proper cleaning and care is not maintained by the original purchaser, or if any alterations or damage occurs to items already Show Chrome plated by Sport Chrome, any of our limited Warranties will become void.

The longevity of our Show Chrome plating relies heavily on whether the original owner keeps their purchased item(s) properly cleaned and cared for. We have done our part for your Show Chrome plating to last a lifetime, and you will need to do your part, as well.

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