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The World’s Finest Wheel Chrome Plating

By Sport Chrome


Sport Chrome is known around the World as THE experts in chrome plating wheels for motorcycles. Our staff has been focused on motorcycle wheel chrome plating for over 15 years.


Recently, we achieved a major milestone when we determined our chrome plating process for wheels to be so refined and of such high quality, we now back it up with a Lifetime Warranty!

Here is a beautiful close up view of a 2016 Harley-Davidson Road King Impeller wheel in our Show Quality Chrome Plating… backed by our Lifetime Warranty!

Show Quality Wheel Chrome Plating

Show Quality Wheel Chrome Plating

What makes us different is not just one or two small changes to our process… it is our ENTIRE process!

Many chrome shops “claim” to do motorcycle wheels, but they also claim to be experts at chroming car & truck bumpers, plastic toy parts and old pot metal.

There is just no way you can be an expert at motorcycle wheel chrome plating, and an expert on everything else, as well… we at Sport Chrome ARE experts at chrome plating motorcycle wheels!


Beginning with the initial steps of your wheel’s journey through our shop, our multi-faceted process is designed to facilitate only motorcycle wheels and motorcycle parts for Show Quality chrome plating.

We inspect every wheel for run-out on the lip, as well as the seat of the tire bead on the inner part of the wheel.

Our standards for acceptable run-out are superior to those set forth by the factory. In fact, these days we now see brand new wheels that are manufactured with run-out allowed that in years past would be considered way too dangerous to allow on a motorcycle.

That being said, when we see these wheels we immediately remove them from general processing and have our wheel engineer “Jim” assess and possibly repair it to a truer spec than what was allowed on the bike when it rolled out of the factory!

So basically, we are producing wheels that are straighter than what comes on some brand new bikes making our wheels structurally “Better-Than-New”!!!


Now so far, all I have described is our initial inspection and protocol for wheels being received at our shop. In following posts, I will get into even further detail about our wheel chrome plating process, and what exactly sets us apart from the rest!

There are many aspects of our process that make it a superior value when compared to any other options on the market.

Motorcycle Wheel Chrome Plating

Detailed image of our Wheel Chrome Plating for Motorcycles


Here is an email we recently received from our customer “Mike S” from Kings Mountain , NC.


wheel chrome plating customer review

wheel chrome plating customer review

At Sport Chrome, we are part chrome plating shop and part motorcycle shop. We are experts with both motorcycle parts and with chrome plating.


With our wheel chrome plating service you will discover that the finish and service we provide are superior to anything else on the market!



You can find our wheels on the finest motorcycles around the world. Our clients all share a passion for their motorcycles and for the finest quality products and finishes for their rides.

Wheel Chrome Plating

Wheel Chrome Plating


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