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Chrome Plating
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For over ten years, the team at Sport Chrome has been offering our award winning chrome plating service to Motor Sports businesses and enthusiasts from all around the world. During our tenure, we have discovered that all of our clients share a common trait … namely, a true passion for excellence. That being said, these clients also expect their chrome plating supplier to share this same passion, and that is why the top shops, custom builders and collectors from around the world choose Sport Chrome for their chrome plating needs.

Chrome Plating of a classic truck

Hot Rod Truck Chrome Plating by Sport Chrome


We are often asked by our clients why California, and in particular Southern California, is known for producing some of the highest quality chrome plating compared to other states here in the U.S.A. For many years, California had a rich, long-standing history of being the center of manufacturing for aluminum wheels and steel rims for the automotive and motorcycle industries, and at one point, there were countless foundries in the Southern California region that produced aluminum aftermarket wheels. As you can imagine, because of the popular demand in the hot rod and upgraded late model motorsports sectors, chrome plating was a required finish, so these manufacturers sought and demanded many local chrome plating companies to emerge.

Chrome Plating for yachts

A chrome plated cleat from a yacht

Chrome plating has always been an art form, and it is truly a craft, not an exact science. While chrome plating one style of wheel may prove to be rather simple, chrome plating another wheel could prove to be very challenging. As a result, there were many skilled plating technicians that not only became very knowledgeable in the chrome plating process, but they also invented different tricks and techniques required in order to produce a consistent type of chrome plating that was universal to every style of wheel being made. Sadly, most all of the wheel manufacturers in Southern California have now closed down due in part by the gluttonous supply from China combined with the ever increasing demand for lower prices and the constant increase in costs of operation. Consequently, when these wheel manufacturers closed down, so did many of their production oriented chrome platers.

Chrome plating for vintage autos

Restoration Chrome Plating on vintage automobiles


Happily, Sport Chrome has always been a custom chrome plating shop rather than a large scale chrome plating production entity, therefore we were not as directly affected by the growing number of imports from China as other chrome plating companies in California.

In fact, it could actually be argued that the decline of wheel manufacturers and the subsequent closing of the many chrome plating companies was a benefit to Sport Chrome because it has helped us bring and retain the best talented metal finishers within our network of  experienced, impassioned staff, and that helps us consistently produce the finest chrome plating available anywhere in the world. Let Sport Chrome share with you our passion for the finest chrome plating available from anywhere in the world!

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